Andrea is a Dru yoga teacher and also a laughter yoga teacher.  Her journey began after working in large corporate businesses for fifteen years, Andrea took up yoga to relax. Falling in love with Dru Yoga,


Andrea qualified as a teacher in April 2014. She teachers classes to people still in the corporate world, who are often stuck at their desks all day.


Andrea trained as a Laughter Yoga Leader in 2013 and encourages everyone to enjoy and laugh their way through challenges. Laughter Yoga is the practice of 'Laughing for no reason'. When doing Laughter exercises your brain releases feel good chemicals, reduces your stress and blood pressure and increases your ability to heal.



Andrea loves seeing her clients increase in flexibility, relaxation and productivity. She says’ I want everyone to try yoga, and find a style suits you. Yoga is only about all about unity of mind, body and soul and your connection to yourself.’


Andrea is a member of the Dru Professional Network and Laughter Yoga Network and is fully insured with Balens.


What is Dru Yoga?

Dru Yoga is designed to be practiced by people of all abilities, all fitness levels and all ages.  

This graceful and potent form of yoga is based on flowing movements, directed breathing and visualisation. With its foundations set firmly in ancient yogic tradition, Dru works on body, mind and spirit—improving strength and flexibility, creating core stability, building a heightened feeling of positivity, and deeply relaxing and rejuvenating your whole being.  

What is Laughter Yoga?

Laughter Yoga works your diaphragm and increases the oxygen in your blood.  It can release unwanted stress and tension, relax you, and an ables you to let go of your inhibitions and give you a jolly good time.   Laughter Yoga is done without the need for humour, jokes or funny things happening. You choose to laugh, firstly often by faking it, then allowing the natural laughter to come through.  


Laughter yoga is perfect at team building events and conferences especially after lunch to awaken the slump.  


DRU YOGA CLASS - Tuesday Evenings






First session is FREE




£60 for a block booking of 6 sessions.


£12 per single session.




The Tythings, Reading Road, YATELEY, GU46 7RP  

SIx Sessions for £60.00



Pay Per Class £12.00

Please check availability before booking